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See Aspergers for message about new book .

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Understanding Aspergers

The new adult group has two main purposes:-

  1. They are able to make friends with other Aspies.
  2. To help others less fortunate than themselves.

If you know anyone with Aspergers please ask them  to contact Mike Hewitt on maspie59@gmail.com

We have started a new club for 18-82! year olds every Friday.

Drop in centre from 6 - 9 p.m.

Fairfield & Howley Neighbourhood Project

Fairfield Street



For more information leave a message on 07832287731,  or 01925 220688

We make a small charge of £2 for the rental and £1 if you want drinks and biscuits

Every Friday from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.

VIP lounge

Next meetings Friday 10, 17,24 November see map go to

Warrington Group


Go to the car park

and see map opposite. Follow white arrows

Ring me if you are lost on the way 07832287731  

Take Fairfield Street from Manchester Road. After the main entrance to the school turn next right onto Harrison Close then after about 35 yards turn right into school car park. Drive straight ahead to the VIP lounge.

Post Code WA1 3AJ

Youtube specials or blogs





https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6LxfDFSZ0s adhd







Living with Aspergers through our eyes

22 Asperger’s signs & traits in adults

How to spot signs of Asperger’s in friends or partners

10 Inspirational people with ADHD

Autism - true or false?

Official news - money wasted


Autistic people live in a world that was not designed by or for them to meet their needs. Even the most gifted may require support in order to achieve an acceptable quality of life, and the approximately one third who have learning disabilities are likely to be heavily dependent on service provision.

When the LSE (London School of Economics) revisited the figures for 2014 using more accurate information the total came to £32 billion, more than that of heart disease, cancer and stroke combined. Something is clearly not working.

“Nearly a decade on, the needs of autistic people are still unmet.”

We attribute much of this failure to the fact that research funding for autism lags far behind the amount spent on these or other conditions that, like autism, have a major impact on the well being of so many people.

Only about £4 million is spent each year on autism research; equivalent to just £6 for each of the estimated 700,000 autistic people.

See Autism truth for more more information on Autism and the latest findings that should shame politicians who talk the talk but do not walk the walk.

Burnout - for those who have suffered depression

PDA webinars - highly recommended reading

A truly wonderful site - The MIGHTY newsletter

Chris Packham story

Chris Packham website

Susan Boyle - Aspergers

Susan Boyle Life story

Chris Packham

See the latest after a great show


Did you miss the new edition of

The A- Word? A=Autism

This second edition is even better than the first.

Tuesdays BBC 1@9 p.m.